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Stephen L. DesJardins

Marvin W. Peterson Collegiate Professor of Education, Marsal Family School of Education; Evaluation Faculty Lead


Mailbox 2108/2117
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Stephen L. DesJardins teaches courses related to public policy in higher education, economics and finances in postsecondary education, statistical methods, and institutional research and policy analysis. His research interests include student transitions from high school to college,what happens to students once they enroll in college, the economics of postsecondary education, and applying new statistical techniques to the study of these issues.

Current projects are: examining what factors are related to student loan default; how the courses students take in high school affect subsequent educational outcomes; and a number of evaluations of the effects of state policies on higher education outcomes. His research has been published widely in education and economics journals. He is also on the editorial board of Economics of Education Review, is a contributing editor to Research in Higher Education, and is the methodology section editor for Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research.

DesJardins received a BS in economics from Northern Michigan University, an MA in policy analysis and labor economics from the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota, and a PhD in higher education with a concentration in research and evaluation methods, also from the University of Minnesota. Prior to joining academia, he worked in market research in the private sector and was a policy analyst and institutional researcher for 13 years at the University of Minnesota.


Number Course Name Location Days
EDUC 799
Categorical and Limited Dependent Variable Modeling

Advanced course addresses how to remedy the statistical and analytic problems that arise when researchers are faced with categorical and limited dependent variables. Emphasis on learning the statistical properties of these models and interpreting how the results produced can be used to inform educational decision-making.

EDUC 863
Planning, Analysis, and Institutional Research

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.
Considers the processes by which both long-range and short-range decisions may be made in institutions of higher education ; especially considers the uniqueness of planning, governing, and decision-making processes occasioned by participation of expert and semi-autonomous professional employees.

Selected Publications

"Ensuring professional higher education meets the needs of students and society."

DesJardins, S., & Hovdhaugen, E. (2023). Tertiary Education and Management, 29(1), 1-4.

Ra, E., Kim, J, Hong, J. & DesJardins, S. L. (2023). Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 45(1), 79-107. 

Furquim, F, Deane, K.C., McCall, B. P. & DesJardins, S. L. (2022). AERA Open

Cummings, K. M., Deane, KC, McCall, B. P. & DesJardins, S. L. (2022). The Journal of Higher Education, 93(6), 873-900. 

Burkhardt, J. C., DesJardins, S. L., & Gruppen, L. (2021). PLOS ONE

de Gayardon, A., Callender, C., & DesJardins, S. L. (2021). Journal of Social Policy, 1-21.

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"Student loan debt: Longer term implications for graduates in the United States and England."

Callender, C., Deane, K. C., de Gayardon, A, & DesJardins, S. L. (2020). In Changing Higher Education for a Changing World. Claire Callender, William Locke, & Simon Marginson (Eds). London: Bloomsbury.

Burkhardt, J. C., DesJardins, S. L., & Gruppen, L. (2019). Annals of Emergency Medicine, 74(6), 742-750.

DesJardins, S. L., Hossler, D., Toutkoushian, R. T., & Chen, J. (2019). Review of Higher Education, 43(1), pp. 263-294. 

"Categorical and limited dependent variable modeling in higher education."

Rodriguez, A., Furquim, F., & DesJardins, S. L. (2018). In Michael Paulsen (Ed.), Higher Education: Handbook of Theory and Research XXXIV: 295-370. 


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