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Master's Program Manager, Educational Studies
(734) 647-0622
Executive Assistant to the Chair, Educational Studies Program
(734) 763-7500
Research Area Specialist, Educational Studies; Lecturer II in Teacher Education
(734) 615-7632
Communications Manager, TeachingWorks; Adjunct Lecturer in Educational Studies
(734) 764-8649
English Language Arts Research and Design Specialist
(734) 764-8416
Instructional Designer and Research Associate; Adjunct Lecturer
(734) 763-8702
Office Coordinator & Faculty Support Specialist, Educational Studies
(734) 764-8416
Lecturer II in Educational Studies
(734) 647-9394
PhD Program Manager
(734) 647-4513
Research Development Manager; Adjunct Lecturer in Educational Studies
(734) 763-2887
Administrative Specialist; Lecturer II in Teacher Education
(734) 615-7235
Web Applications Developer
(734) 647-8064
Assistant Editor, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education
Managing Director of Educational Studies
(734) 764-8324
Instructional and Program Design Coordinator, CEDER; Adjunct Lecturer in Educational Studies
Research and Strategy Specialist