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Catalyzing and Empowering Communities

Explore the work of community leaders in organizing and engaging students, parents, families, and community members as active agents of educational innovation and improvement.

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Free option available

This course examines strategies for community organizing for social justice in a diverse, democratic society. It examines core concepts of social justice and practical steps for bringing people together to set goals and priorities, assess community assets and needs, develop action plans, and build support for implementation. It includes information on how to form core groups, build organizational capacity, and formulate strategy for reaching out to constituents and allies.

Free option available

This course explores collaborative, continuous improvement as a locally grounded approach to educational innovation that empowers teachers, leaders, parents, and community members to advance shared ambitions for advancing educational access, quality, and equity.

This course is part of the Transforming Education in an Interconnected World MOOC series.

Free option available

This course develops foundational capabilities for iterative analysis, design, evaluation, and implementation to address local needs, opportunities, and problems, with a specific focus on improvement science and networked communities as general methods useful across classrooms, communities, schools, and systems.

This course is part of the Transforming Education in an Interconnected World MOOC series.


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