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Ashley Cureton, Charles H.F. Davis III, and Don Peurach named 2022 Public Engagement Faculty Fellows by the Center for Academic Innovation

March 22, 2022

The fellowship helps participants build engagement skills, understand key public-engagement concepts, and reflect together on how public engagement fits into their scholarly identities.


Cureton, Davis, and Peurach are among 14 fellows from across the university who have been selected for the 2022 Public Engagement Faculty Fellows cohort. The first phase of the fellowship is a five-week intensive workshop called the Studio Experience, which focuses on skill development, reflection, exploration, networking, and project planning. The fellowship also provides financial and in-kind support for potential future public engagement projects.

“The PEFF community is a clear signal of our faculty’s commitment to the university’s mission of creating, communicating, preserving and applying scholarship for larger societal impacts,” Ellen Kuhn, PEFF program manager, told The University Record. “It also demonstrates the breadth of ways that faculty are generating those impacts, from designing exhibits to working with policymakers to conducting community-engaged research projects.”


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Assistant Professor, School of Social Work; By Courtesy Assistant Professor, Marsal Family School of Education
Assistant Professor, Marsal Family School of Education
Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

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