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Transforming Education in an Interconnected World

Available now through Michigan Online on Coursera

The EdHub for Community and Professional Learning in the University of Michigan’s Marsal Family School of Education is excited to announce the launch of Transforming Education in an Interconnected World. Developed in collaboration with the Improvement Scholars Network, this open access learning series consists of four courses aimed at cultivating a community of impassioned educators, parents, and community stakeholders with capabilities to think globally and to lead locally.

The series is available at no cost for learners who want to audit the courses, and it is available at a low cost for learners seeking a University of Michigan Certificate in Transforming Education. The series is also open at no cost to all University of Michigan alumni, students, staff, and faculty. See the FAQ under Learn More for additional information.

Learners are welcome to enroll in the full Transforming Education series or in individual courses. The courses are always open! Learners are welcome to join at any time and to proceed at their own pace.

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Series Orientation welcomes learners to the University of Michigan and the Transforming Education series, introduces Self-Directed/Community-Supported Learning as our core instructional design, and positions learners for success as aspiring change agents.

Enroll in Series Orientation

Envisioning Educational Transformation explores the work of building shared ambitions for educational access, quality, and equity, with a specific focus on identifying relationships among global, national, and local agendas for systems transformation. The course guides learners in leading a “local visioning conversation” to build shared ambitions for transforming education in their local educational contexts. This course features several guest contributors.

Enroll in Envisioning Educational Transformation

Reimagining Educational Innovation explores collaborative, continuous improvement as a locally grounded approach to innovation that empowers teachers, leaders, parents, and community members to advance shared ambitions for educational access, quality, and equity. The course supports learners in constructing a comprehensive, inclusive blueprint for local innovation and in developing their identities as local change agents. This course features several guest contributors.

Enroll in Reimagining Educational Innovation

Practicing Collaborative, Continuous Improvement develops foundational capabilities for iterative analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation to address local needs, opportunities, and problems, with a specific focus on improvement science as a general method useful across classrooms, communities, schools, and systems. The course also guides learners in developing a detailed plan for leading their first local improvement project. This course features several guest contributors.

Enroll in Practicing Collaborative, Continuous Improvement

Learn More


Learn more about participating in the Transforming Education series.

Series Background

Learn about collaborative, continuous improvement as an innovation in educational innovation from Professor Donald Peurach, lead developer of the Transforming Education series, in comments delivered at the International Seminar on School Improvement at the Diego Portales University in Santiago, Chile.

An Invitation

Join Professor Donald Peurach at the Sharjah International Summit on Improvement in Education in the United Arab Emirates as he invites participants to join us in Transforming Education in an Interconnected World.

Research Foundations

Learn about the research foundations of the Transforming Education series by exploring The Foundational Handbook on Improvement Research in Education, a field building effort of the Improvement Scholars Network with support from the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Policy Context

Review a series of reports from colleagues in the Transforming Education series on global efforts to transform education systems for holistic student development. The reports were produced for the Brookings Institution's Center for Universal Education in advance of the United Nations Transforming Education Summit in September 2022.

A Global Community

Read about cross-national convenings exploring Education System (Re)Building for Equity and Social Justice hosted by colleagues in the Transforming Education series. With support from the Spencer Foundation, the convenings aimed to foster a cross-national community of scholars whose members take appreciative, critical, and practical perspectives on advancing educational access, quality, and equity in education systems.

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For additional information, please contact Dr. Donald J. Peurach, Professor of Educational Policy, Leadership, and Innovation at the University of Michigan.

Professor, Marsal Family School of Education
(734) 615-4733


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