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Detroit P–20 Partnership

The Teaching School


The school’s student population.

University of Michigan Marsal Family School of Education students who are in the initial stages of their pre-service training.

Marsal School students who have reached the final stage of their pre-service training and, therefore, are taking on increased responsibility in the classroom.

Marsal School graduates hired by DPSCD to teach for the first three years of their careers. These are paid, certified teachers of record who, through the teaching residency, receive support from the school’s attending teachers and U-M faculty and staff. After three years, residents move on to other Detroit schools, thereby extending the benefits of the Teaching School to all of Detroit’s students.

Veteran expert DPSCD teachers who meet U-M’s standards for being effective urban educators and teacher mentors, and who have agreed to serve in a mentoring role to the school’s novice teachers. This is the school’s permanent faculty.

Teacher educators who bring considerable knowledge and expertise to bear on the work of teaching diverse learners in an urban environment.

Why a Teaching Residency?

After decades of training teachers in largely the same way, the long-time practice of sending educators into their own classrooms after just a few months of student teaching will be replaced by an innovative and novel teaching training program. The program is modeled on medical training residencies and designed by Elizabeth Moje, Dean of U-M Marsal Family School of Education. Moje hopes her new approach will not only lead to better outcomes for the students but will keep teachers in the classroom longer at a time when fifty percent are leaving the profession within their first five years.

Teacher training is too short to fully prepare teachers for the complexity of 21st century classrooms. The teaching school extends teacher training without adding to prospective teachers’ financial burden or coursework load.

Use our research and practical expertise to elevate the educational experience of children and youth.

Educate stronger professionals who are more likely to stay in the field.

Build a talent pool of urban educators eminently qualified for teaching and leading school systems in the City of Detroit and its surrounding metropolitan communities.

Increase enrollments in our University of Michigan Marsal School teacher preparation programs.

Recruit the best candidates to education professions.

Strengthen the pathway for Detroit youth to enter the University of Michigan and other postsecondary institutions.

Enlarge and sustain U-M‘s partnerships with Detroit.

Contribute respectfully to community development and neighborhood investment.

New teachers often leave the profession because they lack the support they need early in their careers. By creating a professional environment in which new teachers are carefully and consistently supported by veteran colleagues and other education experts, we increase the likelihood that a teacher will persist in the profession and, we hope, in Detroit.

The Medical Model


Single site
As with “teaching hospitals,” the Teaching School will be a singular school space in which every adult in the building has two goals: children’s learning and the education of urban teaching professionals.  

Intergenerational teaming
Interns, student teachers, and residents work in small teams under the supervision of attending teachers and university staff/faculty to provide a high quality education to K–12 students. 

Handovers and rounding
Teams talk with one another about students’ needs and development so that they collectively share responsibility for students’ learning.

Morning report
The full educational staff analyzes recent cases in order to learn and reinforce best practices and develop collectively shared priorities 
and commitments. 

Journal club
The staff shares the responsibility of analyzing and learning from the latest educational research to apply it to their professional practice.