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Detroit P–20 Partnership

"Community Schools" Approach


A ”community schools” approach directs attention and resources to all of a student’s needs (see Maslow’s hierarchy of needs below). If a student’s physiological, sociocultural, or socioemotional needs go unmet, their learning is likely to suffer. To that end, we will expand support for students (and families) that allows them to flourish. This approach has been proven in many settings to be a powerful method for improving educational opportunity.

Potential Student & Family Support Services

Counseling services
Counseling services supported by the University of Michigan School of Social Work

On-site health clinic
An on-site health clinic supported by the University of Michigan Health Systems Regional Alliance for Healthy Schools

On-site dental clinic
An on-site dental clinic supported by the University of Michigan School of Dentistry

Neighborhood partnerships/care providers
Partnerships with other neighborhood care providers, including services typically provided by DPSCD and Starfish Family Services

Neighborhood partnerships/businesses
Partnerships with community-based businesses facilitated by the University of Michigan Ross School of Business