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NRT-AI-HDR: Harnessing the data revolution (HDR) to enable predictive multi-scale modeling across STEM


Jul 01, 2022


Jun 30, 2027
Funding Agency
NSF through a subcontract from MSU

Dr. Victoria Bigelow will oversee the evaluation of an NSF Research Traineeship (NRT) program at Michigan State University. This NRT provides doctoral training for 70+ supported trainees assembled into interdisciplinary teams to advance the fundamental understanding of critical problems in complex fluids, biological systems, and polymeric materials by novel Structure Preserving Machine Learning (SP-ML) coupled with traditional simulation tools.


The key features of the program are: (a) core coursework leading to a graduate certificate, (b) core course on scientific communication, (c) learning objectives for core courses, (d) targeted short courses in cutting-edge topics,(e) an internship at a partner site, (f) short-term visits from partners, (g) a rigorous professional development program, (h) and inclusion of partners in Ph.D. students’ guidance committees. About 140 non-trainee graduate students will participate in the program. Other members of the CEDER evaluation team who will work on the project include Dr. Michele Randolph and Dr. Phillip Ianni.

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