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EPISTEM: Engage and Persist in STEM at DePaul University


Sep 01, 2021


Aug 31, 2026
Funding Agency
DePaul University

Engage and Persist in STEM (EPISTEM) at DePaul University in Chicago is a cohort-based program geared towards increasing the number of low-income, academically talented (LI-AT) students who access and complete STEM majors within four - five years and who enter the workforce or attend graduate school in STEM fields.

Victoria Bigelow, PhD and her team of staff and students in CEDER will lead the evaluation of the program and will provide information about the experiences and outcomes of program participants. The evaluation aims to provide information that can be used to inform program planning and implementation for future initiatives, and communicate program outcomes to stakeholders.


Primary Investigator(s)

Evaluation Coordinator

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