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Spring 2024 Class Schedule

Additional information about these courses is available in Wolverine Access.

EDUC 310
Independent Study
EDUC 317
Observ-Particip Ed
EDUC 320
Honors Ind Study
EDUC 330-101
ED Empwrmt Internshp Kendra Hearn
EDUC 416-101
Teach Curr Material Tim Boerst
EDUC 443-101
Exceptionalities Kathleen Fortini
EDUC 444-101
Tchg with Tech Elizabeth Keren-Kolb
EDUC 519-101
Connecting Mathematical Practice and Topics PK6 Tim Boerst
EDUC 571-101
Prof Sem in Tch Edu Jeff Stanzler, Maria Coolican
EDUC 571-102
Prof Sem in Tch Edu Jeff Stanzler, Maria Coolican
EDUC 592-101
Teach Lang Literacy Melissa Stull
EDUC 592-102
Teach Lang Literacy Susan Atkins
EDUC 593-101
Lang Development Diane Aretz
EDUC 594-102
Ed Multiling Soc Debi Khasnabis
EDUC 595-101
Advocacy Diverse Ss Diane Aretz
EDUC 595-102
Advocacy Diverse Ss Susan Atkins
EDUC 640
Ind Study Ed Stdy
EDUC 652-101
Directed Tchg Sec Beth Vonck
EDUC 652-102
Directed Tchg Sec Laurie Hochrein
EDUC 652-103
Directed Tchg Sec Rachel Davis
EDUC 652-104
Directed Tchg Sec Rod Franchi
EDUC 652-108
Directed Tchg Sec Diane Aretz
EDUC 654-101
Prob-Prin Sec Ed Beth Vonck
EDUC 654-102
Prob-Prin Sec Ed Laurie Hochrein
EDUC 654-103
Prob-Prin Sec Ed Rachel Davis
EDUC 654-104
Prob-Prin Sec Ed Rod Franchi
EDUC 654-108
Prob-Prin Sec Ed Diane Aretz
EDUC 659
MA Res Pract in HE
EDUC 737-101
Topics Ed Studies Maren Oberman
EDUC 770
Ind St High&Cont Ed
EDUC 771-101
Topics Higher&Continued Ed Charles Davis
EDUC 990
EDUC 991
Scholarly Paper
EDUC 992
EDUC 995