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Ann Arbor Liberty Street at night

Ann Arbor

A Progressive City with a Small-Town Vibe

Ann Arbor's eclectic montage of restaurants, shops, parks, natural amenities, sports venues, and other unique attractions means there’s something for every taste and interest. Its commitment to community excellence has earned it high marks by Livability, which named it the “Best Place to Live in America”.

As the name implies, Ann Arbor is a nature-lover’s paradise. With 159 parks and 15 park facilities, a rendezvous with nature awaits you. Cyclists will feel at home in this bike-friendly town. And while everyone knows Ann Arbor is a college sports fan’s dream come true, this town has ample opportunities for all types of recreation

Our city is well-known for its arts and cultural scene. The annual Ann Arbor Art Fair and the annual Ann Arbor Folk Festival draw thousands to the city, not to mention various ethnic and cultural festivals that happen throughout the year. The University of Michigan Museum of Art and the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum provide opportunities of artistic expression for all ages. 

For growing families, there are few better places to raise kids than in Ann Arbor. Known for its top-notch schools, family-friendly activities, and recreational opportunities for children, Ann Arbor is a place for putting down roots.