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RWJF Diversity in Health Policy Research - Year 3


Oct 01, 2018


Aug 31, 2019
Funding Agency
George Washington University and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Dr. Phillip Bowman and Dr. Angela Ebreo at the University of Michigan (UM) based Diversity Research and Policy Program (DRPP) will continue activities related to the evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Health Policy Research Scholars (HPRS) Program.


This higher education pipeline program for diverse doctoral students from multiple disciplines provides policy-relevant leadership training to empower a cadre of scholar-change agents capable of reducing health disparities and promoting health equity. This innovative DRPP strengths-based evaluation project not only aligns with RWJF’s priorities, but also with the Marsal Family School of Education’s dije goals. In response to RWJF priorities, the UM-DRPP team will shift the emphasis during 2018-2019 toward several HPRS formative evaluation activities:

  • First, the DRPP team will continue to work closely with an RWJF-based Evaluation Group on both cross-program outcome evaluation strategies and updates about HPRS program progress.
  • Second, the DRPP team will continue to work closely with the HPRS Program leadership on specific evaluation activities including implementation fidelity, quality improvement, rapid cycle learning, and strengths-based recruitment and selection.
  • Finally, DRPP will continue strengths-based monitoring of HPRS program participants during the year including assessment of their progress, challenges, successful coping, and program achievements.

This Marsal Family School of Education based DRPP project provides valuable strengths-based evaluation research and training opportunities to UM students at the doctoral, masters, and undergraduate levels.

Primary Investigator(s)

Professor Emeritus, Marsal Family School of Education; Faculty Associate, Institute for Social Research
Associate Research Scientist

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