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Reimagining the Education Research Commons: Toward Epistemic Justice


Aug 15, 2022


Sep 30, 2024
Funding Agency
American Educational Research Association

Led by Pamela Moss and James Hammond, this conference on Reimagining the Education Research Commons: Towards Epistemic Justice, builds on work undertaken for a 2022 Presidential Session of the American Educational Research Association (AERA).


The overall goals for the conference, and what precedes and follows it, are:

  • to catalyze a dialogue about the future of the education research commons, consistent with the goals of epistemic justice;
  • to develop a syllabus on “Epistemic Justice and the Education Research Commons,” which supports teaching and learning about the relationship of epistemic (in)justice to education research and scholarly communication (taking into account the benefits and dangers of the rapidly evolving technologies that support the production and sharing of research);
  • to illustrate a set of potential recommendations (principles, policies, practices, technical resources, and pedagogies) for evolution in the research commons; and, equally important, 
  • to highlight tensions, disagreements, and gaps in understanding that require explicit acknowledgement, further study, and deliberation—with particular attention to questions about the workings of power.

Key to the success of this effort will be conceptualizing the education research commons as a dynamic learning environment, where participants are able to learn from differences and commonalities in their perspectives and practices.  The conference is being developed in collaboration with June Ahn (University of California, Irvine), Megan Bang (Northwestern University), Angela Booker (University of California, San Diego), Ezekiel Dixon-Román (University of Pennsylvania), Drew Gitomer (Rutgers University), William Penuel (University of Colorado, Boulder), and Shirin Vossoughi (Northwestern University).  

Following the conference, participants will (a) curate and make available online to the AERA community the set of educative resources described above; (b) propose a special issue of Educational Researcher or another widely read  (open access) education research journal, highlighting conference outcomes; and (c) propose to the leadership of AERA, the National Academy of Education, and the World Educational Research Association possibilities for engaging others in the conversation and exploration of next steps.

Primary Investigator(s)

John Dewey Collegiate Professor of Education, Marsal Family School of Education

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