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RAPID DRL AI: Empowering Teachers to Collaborate with Generative AI for Developing High-Quality STEM Learning Resources


Dec 01, 2023


Nov 30, 2024
Funding Agency
National Science Foundation

In this project, Dr. Xu Wang (PI, College of Engineering) and Dr. Ying Xu (co-PI, Marsal Education) will partner with WGBH Educational Foundation (GBH), Boston’s PBS station, to support teachers to leverage generative AI to create and customize intelligent tutors accompanying the STEM learning resources available on PBS LearningMedia, a platform already popular among teachers nationwide for its comprehensive library of over 5,000 high quality STEM-focused videos and millions of users. 


Intelligent tutors will be incorporated into videos and pose comprehension questions to students and provide personalized feedback during video viewing. The team will iteratively design and develop a teacher-AI collaborative platform that allows teachers to oversee the intelligent tutors' generation of question sequences and feedback. The platform will provide "LLM building blocks" for teachers to steer LLMs to generate desirable outputs. Thus, teachers maintain control over the tutors' instructional dialogue with students, ensuring such dialogue aligns with teachers' instructional objectives and the unique needs of their students. The team will then generate evidence demonstrating the feasibility and potential effectiveness of the proposed mechanism and specific design strategies that enable non-technical domain experts to have significant involvement in the development of AI-based educational resources. This project has the potential for a substantial broader impact, as it builds upon the existing PBS LearningMedia platform. This ensures the sustainability of the proposed platform and reaches a large number of educators. By making the platform publicly available, this research will enable educators to continue generating interactive videos that cater to their specific educational needs. This work holds the promise of democratizing access to AI for teachers and promoting their active involvement in the production of AI-based learning resources.

Primary Investigator(s)

Assistant Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

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Sep 15, 2018
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Aug 31, 2024
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Aug 01, 2018
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Jul 31, 2024