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Promoting At-Promise Student Success Project


Jul 01, 2021


Jun 30, 2025
Funding Agency
University of Southern California and the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation

Dr. Rosemary Perez will serve as the qualitative lead for data collection on the PASS2 project, which aims to study institutional changes supporting at-promise student success and changes in psychosocial and academic outcomes among these students related to their experiences on campus.


The Promoting At-Promise Student Success 2 (PASS2) project is a longitudinal mixed methods study that is funded by the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation. This study is designed to leverage learnings from PASS 1 to better understand how the Thompson Scholars Learning Community (TSLC), the University of Nebraska system, and the field of higher education can better serve low-income, first-generation, and racially minoritized college students who we refer to as at-promise students. The overarching aims of PASS2 are to (1) better understand how at-promise students’ psychosocial and academic outcomes change over time and relate to their experiences on campus; and (2) to examine programmatic and institutional change processes in support of at-promise student success.

As University of Michigan subcontract PI, Dr. Rosemary J. Perez will serve as the qualitative lead for data collected with at the University of Nebraska – Omaha (UNO). Some responsibilities include conducting and analyzing interviews with students, staff, and stakeholders at the UNO campus, observing program activities, completing analysis needed for the case study evaluation, providing support to the development and implementation of a community of practice at UNO, and assisting with the development of practitioner materials.

For more information about the Promoting At-Promise Student Success project, visit: https://pass.pullias.usc.edu/

Primary Investigator(s)

Associate Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

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