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Learning4Teaching Qatar: Understanding Qatari teachers’ experiences and use of Professional Development in English language teaching


Sep 01, 2015


Mar 02, 2017
Funding Agency
Carnegie-Mellon University/Qatar Foundation

This study, conducted in collaboration with Carnegie-Mellon University, Qatar campus, and Qatar University, examines how public-sector English language teachers in Qatar use professional development (PD). As part of the larger trans-national *Learning4Teaching Project*, the national study investigates teachers’ experiences as central to unraveling systemic issues and improving PD outcomes. The study, which takes a sociocultural, phenomenographic approach, uses a mixed-methods research design that includes surveys, teaching logs, and classroom observations to document English language teachers’ views of how PD shapes their work.

Primary Investigator(s)

Professor Emeritus, Marsal Family School of Education

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Sep 15, 2018
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Aug 31, 2024
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Aug 01, 2018
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Jul 31, 2024