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It Was All A Dream: A Digital Ethnohistory of Contemporary Political Insurgency at Florida A&M University


Jan 01, 2022


Dec 31, 2022
Funding Agency
U-M Anti-Racist Digital Research (ARDR) Initiative

This project proposes a “digital ethnohistory,” an alternative and activist new media project that curates digital artifacts from the student activism and political insurgency organized by Florida A&M University students in the wake of the killing of Trayvon Martin in 2012. The goal is to create a more sustainable, interactive record of what social movement schools broadly refer to as “communities of memory” from which activists can learn and mobilize in their own organizing years into the future. Specifically, the project builds on a near-decade ethnographic study examining the Dream Defenders, a social movement organization co-founded by students and alumni of Florida A&M University, one of the nation’s preeminent Historically Black Colleges & Universities.

Primary Investigator(s)

Assistant Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

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Sep 15, 2018
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Aug 31, 2024
Award Start Date
Aug 01, 2018
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Jul 31, 2024