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Know That: The Path to a Critical Conversation Space


Dec 07, 2022


Jan 31, 2024
Funding Agency
Psi Chi

In order to develop critical worldviews and confidence in their identities, Black girls must make meaning of their schooling experiences. Critical conversation spaces (CCSs) provide a context for this meaning-making, centering reflection on gender and race.


CCS curricular design should account for girls’ pre-existing knowledge and desires. Without doing so, adults’ design intentions may not reflect girls’ experiences and eventual outcomes. To evolve past adult-driven prescription/proscription and prioritizations, we will document a 3-week CCS pilot, as well as girls’ perceptions and experiences of the pilot. We ask: what needs, wants, and ideas of Black girls should a CCS curriculum foreground?

Primary Investigator(s)

Associate Professor, Marsal Family School of Education

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Sep 15, 2018
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