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Srikanth Lavu

Web Applications Developer


(734) 647-8064


Room 2409
610 East University
Ann Arbor MI 48109-1259

Srikanth’s primary focus is supporting research scientists and students who work on GRIP lab research projects. His work mainly involves designing and developing software applications that are used by GRIP educators and students. Srikanth works closely with GRIP’s research scientists and associates to get the requirements for software applications and then estimates the time and resources required for design and development.

Srikanth has always enjoyed programming, UI/UX designing, math logic, and working on puzzles, and appreciates that his work at the SOE allows him to engage in all of these areas. He enjoys keeping up to date with new technologies, and dedicates a significant amount of time to reading articles related to programming and technology.  He also enjoys teaching and mentoring interns and others, sharing his knowledge of computer programming with them.

Before joining the Marsal Family School of Education, Srikanth worked for a consulting firm in Detroit. He completed his Master’s degree at Eastern Michigan University.

Outside of work, Srikanth likes to travel (he especially likes long drives) and play cricket, badminton, and volleyball. He is originally from India, has lived in the U.S. for the last six years, mostly in Michigan.