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Robin Jacob

Research Professor, Survey Research Center, Institute for Social Research; By Courtesy Associate Research Professor, Marsal Family School of Education


(734) 647-4194


Institute for Social Research
Perry Room 2338
426 Thompson St.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

Robin Tepper Jacob is an associate research professor at the Institute for Social Research and the School of Education at the University of Michigan. She is also co-director of the Youth Policy Lab, a partnership between the Survey Research Center and the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy.

Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Michigan she was a research associate at Abt Associates, Inc. in Cambridge, MA. She has 15 years of experience conducting randomized trials and quasi-experimental evaluations of educational interventions, in a variety of different contexts.

Her experience includes studies of interventions that were designed to impact families, teachers, principals, schools and students and that targeted a wide range of outcomes including early literacy skills, mathematics achievement, executive functioning, and health related outcomes. She has conducted evaluations of federal initiatives, programs developed by nonprofit organizations, as well as those developed by for-profit service providers. She also has considerable expertise in survey design and implementation and the use of quasi-experimental methods for program evaluation.

Selected Publications

"The Potential for School-Based Interventions that Target Executive Function to Improve Academic Achievement: A Review."

Jacob, Robin T. and Parkinson, Julia (2015). Review of Educational Research, 85(4), 512-552.

"Exploring the Causal Impact of the McREL Balanced Leadership Program on Leadership, Principal Efficacy, Instructional Climate, Educator Turnover, and Student Achievement."

Jacob, Robin T.; Goddard, Roger; Kim, Minjung; Miller, Robert and Goddard, Yvonne (2015). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 37(3), 314-332.

"Social-Emotional Learning is Essential to Classroom Management."

Jones, Stephanie M.; Bailey, Rebecca and Jacob, Robin T. (2014).  Phi Delta Kappan, 96(2), 19-24.

"Assessing the use of Aggregate Data in the Evaluation of School-Based Interventions: Implications for Evaluation Research and State Policy regarding Public-use Data."

Jacob, Robin T.; Goddard, Roger D. and Kim, Eun S. (2014). Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 36(1), 44-66.

"Professional Development Research: Consensus, Crossroads, and Challenges."

Hill, Heather C.; Beisiegel, Mary and Jacob, Robin T. (2013). Educational Researcher, 42(9), 476-487.

"Designing and Analyzing Studies that Randomize Schools to Estimate Intervention Effects on Student Academic Outcomes without Classroom-Level Information."

Zhu, Pei; Jacob, Robin T.; Bloom, Howard and Xu, Zeyu (2012). Educational Evaluation & Policy Analysis, 34(1), 45-68.

" An Experiment to Test the Feasibility and Quality of a Web-Based Questionnaire of Teachers."

Jacob, Robin T. (2011). Evaluation Review, 35(1), 40-70.

"New Empirical Evidence for the Design of Group Randomized Trials in Education."

Jacob, Robin T.; Zhu, P. and Bloom, H. (2010). Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 3(2), 157-198.

"Using Instructional Logs to Identify Quality in Educational Settings."

Rowan, Brian; Jacob, Robin T. and Corentti, R. (2009). 13. In Yohalem, Nicole; Granger, Robert C. and Pittman, Karen J. (Ed.), Defining and Measuring Quality in Youth Programs and Classrooms. Wiley: San Francisco, Calif.