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Nicole Gardner-Neblett

Assistant Professor of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts


(734) 936-3278


Nicole Gardner-Neblett is a developmental psychologist whose research focuses on the individual and contextual factors that promote children’s language and literacy development.

She adopts a strengths-based approach to conducting research on socially and economically disadvantaged children and families to better understand children’s development and identify effective practices that can transform the early learning experiences of young children. In particular, Dr. Gardner-Neblett’s work examines the oral narrative, or storytelling, skills of African American children and the implications for literacy development and educational practice. Her work also examines the effectiveness of teacher professional development programs to promote children’s early language and communication development. Dr. Gardner-Neblett holds a Ph.D. and M.A. in Developmental Psychology from The University of Michigan and a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Brown University.

Selected Publications

"Do Katie and Connor tell better stories than Aaliyah and Jamaal? Teachers’ perceptions of children's oral narratives as a function of race and narrative quality."

Gardner-Neblett, N., De Marco, A., & Ebright, B. D. (2023). Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 62, 115-128.

"Dismantling the Black–White achievement gap paradigm: Why and how we need to focus instead on systemic change."

Gardner-Neblett, N., Iruka, I. U., & Humphries, M. (2023). Journal of Education, 203(2), 433-441.

"How essential is teaching narrative skills to young children? Profiles of beliefs about narrative instruction among early childhood teachers."

Gardner-Neblett, N. (2023). Early Childhood Education Journal, 51(3), 531-544.

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