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Meri Tenney Muirhead

Managing Director, Elementary Teacher Education Programs


(734) 657-7373


Room 1228
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Meri is proud to serve as the Managing Director of the Elementary Teacher Education programs. She works with a team across the Educator Preparation Programs to ensure that teaching interns earn a degree and certification to become a teacher. She works directly with the Chair of the elementary programs and the elementary program specialist to design and implement course sequence and scheduling, program-level assessments, and collaborations within and outside the Marsal School.

One of the fundamental roles of Meri’s work is building and supporting partnerships with local school districts and partner schools to ensure strong and sustainable clinical collaborations for the benefit of our teaching interns, mentor teachers, university field instructors, and K-12 students. Meri also works closely with her colleagues in the Office of Student Affairs for recruiting, retaining, and advising teaching interns in the elementary pathway. 

Meri firmly believes there is no more important work in the world than being an effective, skilled, justice-focused educator. She has a life-long commitment to the preparation, development, and learning of strong educational practices to support a more equitable and just society. Every decision she makes is informed by her commitment to the students that we serve and the communities that they live in, as we work together to educate and change our society. 

Meri earned degrees from Oakland University, Wayne State University and the University of Michigan. She came to the Marsal School in 1996 as a graduate student, and has been here ever since.  Leading up to her current role, she was a field instructor in the elementary undergraduate and ELMAC programs, taught courses in the elementary program, and worked on teacher professional development with local school districts. In addition to her profound love and dedication to preservice teacher preparation, her greatest professional joy was teaching second and third grades in Royal Oak, Michigan.