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Laura Wood

Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Laura's primary interest is improving STEM education systems and environments to most equitably support students. She works with the TEE Center (Teaching Engineering Equity) team to assist in coordinating the TEE Scholars' work. She is conducting a literature review on the integration of dije (diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity) content into engineering curricula. She also interfaces with the CRLT-ENGIN (Center for Research on Learning and Teaching–Engineering) and the C-SED (Center for Socially Engaged Design) to share information relevant to the design and facilitation of C-SED's DEI case study initiative.

Laura believes in anti-deficit framing and aims to create the most effective systems in which students from diverse backgrounds can thrive. Her previous experience includes doctoral research at Michigan State University focused on STEM transfer students' self-efficacy. She also works on the editorial team for a series of articles about Critical Race Theory in Physics Education Research.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading speculative fiction, drawing digital illustrations, and playing with her two cats, Theseus and Andromeda.