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Aileen Kennison

Administrative Specialist; Lecturer II in Teacher Education


(734) 615-7235


Room 1600
610 E. University Ave.
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1259

Aileen Kennison brings over a decade of experience as a project manager at the University of Michigan's Marsal Family School of Education. In this role, she efficiently oversees every aspect of managing educational research projects. Through her keen attention to detail, Aileen ensures the precise tracking of budgets and allocation of resources, which has been instrumental in the success of many research projects.

She also expertly coordinates planning meetings, enabling clear communication among stakeholders to keep all project progress on track. Aileen specializes in managing complex data collection logistics. She is instrumental in developing orientation sessions aimed at maximizing research participants' understanding of study requirements, ultimately enabling them to effectively and successfully fulfill their participation in the research process.

Bringing her previous experience as a middle school administrator and secondary school teacher in Southeast Los Angeles, Aileen imbues her role with a deep understanding and genuine passion for education.

Supplementing her project management responsibilities, Aileen further extends her impact in her role as a lecturer for the Educator Preparation Program. Specifically, her work centers around field instruction for elementary undergraduate students. She meticulously plans course content that supports students in their transition from the theoretical aspects of their coursework to the practical application in an educational setting. Her unique capacity to bridge theory and practice greatly benefits her students, promoting their academic and professional growth.


The Teaching Reasoning and Inquiry Project in Social Studies (TRIPSS) Lab involves two projects aimed at developing social studies inquiry and supporting students’ social studies thinking and writing.