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Education for Empowerment Minor

Education for Empowerment is a minor housed in the School of Education (Marsal School) for students who want to explore the relationship between education, power, and justice. This minor was designed to engage students within the University who are interested in serving youth and their families beyond the classroom.


Students who select the Education for Empowerment minor are students who want to work actively to advance justice through multiple avenues of education. Students who complete the minor are better prepared to think about the ways in which we engage with youth and their communities to solve problems in solidarity with those experiencing injustice.

Education for Empowerment is a minor that creates the opportunity for students to think about how education is a tool for advancing justice; it then offers students the space to become action-oriented. This minor was developed collaboratively out of the SOE’s commitment to understanding the relationship between education, power, and justice. Education for Empowerment is cited as a minor that belongs to the SOE at large because so many faculty and staff worked to bring it about as an opportunity for students across the University. For more information, please visit https://soe.umich.edu/academics-admissions/degrees/minor or email soe.minor@umich.edu.

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Expansions Vol 3
In April of 2019, David Humphrey, Jr. was appointed as Chief Diversity Officer in the newly established Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, and Equity.
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The Race and Social Justice Institute is a three-day program that engages students to gain a deeper understanding of how race, racism, and racialization appears in our society through a U.S. educational lens.
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For 10 years, the SOE and Mitchell/Scarlett/Huron Partnership schools have worked together to form a mutually beneficial partnership that fills the needs of the school community as well as the needs of SOE students.
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Community Conversations are events for all members of the Marsal Family School of Education community to come together and address issues affecting our community, learn from and with each other, and promote the values of dije in the SOE.
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Our Fall 2019 Lunch & Learn events featured speakers who addressed disability, ableism, internationalism, and multiculturalism in education.
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Black Lives Matter Week of Action at University of Michigan-Ann Arbor was sponsored by the Marsal Family School of Education, U-M Libraries, Spectrum Center, Ruth Ellis Center, Equality Michigan, and Affirmations.
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Using the lens of race and ethnicity, Multi-Ethnic Student Affairs (MESA) engages the campus community and transforms the student experience to build inclusive spaces and equitable opportunities for all.
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In the Winter 2020 semester, we're looking forward to more community conversations, an allyhood development training, a conversation with White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo, and more.
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The dije awards recognize work to advance diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity within the Marsal Family School of Education, as well as within the broader University of Michigan campus and surrounding communities.
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In the Marsal Family School of Education, we are committed to promoting reflection, creating a space for dialogue, and centering historically underrepresented identities.

The Marsal Family School of Education is proud to be a leader in the campus-wide initiative promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Adding "Justice" to these values underscores the role of educators in the creation of just societies. Through research, public scholarship, community building, and the preparation of education practitioners and policymakers, we articulate and advance our dije agenda.