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EDUC 618 Educational Applications of Augmented and Virtual Reality
Extended reality (XR) technologies—which encompass virtual, augmented, and mixed reality tools—are gaining increased attention within and beyond our campus. As can happen with new technologies, bold claims are being made about how advances in XR technologies have the potential to transform education, changing the way learners interact with instructional content, educators, and other learners. What is needed is a closer examination of XR and learning to better understand the ways in which these technologies might (or might not) support learning, how current literature about learning theory, psychology, and human-computer interaction inform the affordances and constraints of XR in learning contexts, and how thoughtful designers might go about creating XR experiences that are effective for different kinds of learning goals and environments. Through a close examination of relevant literature and contemporary XR technology, students will be able to critically examine the potential for “breakthrough” technologies to support learning. Students will engage in a range of experiential learning opportunities to explore the potential for XR to support learning. Special attention will be given to topics of representation, social learning, identity, and empathy.
Term Faculty Syllabus
Winter 2022 Rebecca Quintana