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DyslexiaHelp is designed to help you understand and learn about dyslexia and language disability.


Housed within the School of Education at the University of Michigan, the development and continued support of DyslexiaHelp is made possible by the very generous donations to the website. We are very grateful for this financial support and the opportunity to help those of you with a need for information and an interest in dyslexia and related language-based learning disabilities.

Our goal is to help individuals with dyslexia, as well as parents, employers, and professionals of all kinds who have the privilege to work with dyslexics gain new understandings about dyslexia and language disability, including current research findings and how to design intervention contexts based on best practices.

Most people know that dyslexia refers to a difficulty learning to read, so you may be wondering why throughout the site we are also talking about language disability. We know that oral language provides the foundation to learning to read, spell, and write. Therefore, we will be talking about oral language—because you can't talk about dyslexia without talking about language development and disability.

We are happy you found us. Time to get started—Success Starts Here!


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