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CREATE (Community-based Research on Equity, Activism, & Transformative Education) Center

The CREATE Center fosters community-based research on equity, activism, and transformative education among university-based researchers and community advocates. 


The CREATE (Community-based Research on Equity, Activism, & Transformative Education) Center fosters and networks equity-driven scholars and education advocates and activists who are committed to conducting and/or leveraging research that helps catalyze transformative public education for children, families, and communities highly impacted by the injustices of systemic racism and poverty. Center affiliates are part of an action-oriented, scholarly community that advances equitable and anti-racist educational practice, policy, and inquiry across four focal areas. These areas include protecting, reinvesting in, and revitalizing public education; dismantling the school-to-prison pipeline; forging and maintaining socially just educational partnerships; and developing public scholarship that contributes to the public good. Center affiliates include U-M faculty, students, and research staff, along with non-U-M scholars and community-based practitioners who are working nationally and internationally to promote justice-driven educational change and critical scholarship in ways that honor the voices, knowledge, assets, needs, and experiences of youth, families, and community members.


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Project Participants

University Diversity and Social Transformation Professor, Marsal Family School of Education