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Michael Bastedo launches the Michigan Admissions Collaboratory

January 18, 2023

The new center will highlight the role admissions play in equitable access to college.


Michigan Admissions Collaboratory’s scope of research will include holistic admissions, the movement for test-blind and test-optional admissions, and the ongoing impact the pandemic has had on college admissions. Another goal of the center is to engage with scholars who are researching admissions around the world. In spring 2023, the center will host an AERA Education Research conference in Ann Arbor. Until now, there have been few opportunities for international admissions scholars to share their work with colleagues in the field. The first-of-its-kind gathering, titled Holistic Admissions in Global Context: Access, Diversity, and Diffusion, will bring together leading scholars from many countries, including South Korea, China, France, the UK, and Japan, to share ongoing research on holistic admissions practices around the world. The conference will provide a space to share their work and develop opportunities for collaborative inquiry that can move the field forward. In addition to examining the development of holistic admissions practices and their role in promoting and hindering social stratification, reproduction, and mobility, participants will prepare working papers examining issues of access, mobility, transparency, and corruption across country contexts. Working within and across groups, participants will develop a multidisciplinary and global perspective on admissions practices. The ultimate goal is to ignite a robust, global community of admissions researchers who will inspire a research agenda for the field for many years to come.  

Read more about the Michigan Admissions Collaboratory in the Fall 2022 issue of Michigan Education

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