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Marsal School students Alanna Hurd and Charles Phillips deliver 2023 King Talks

February 22, 2023

The King Talks are TED-style talks echoing the theme of U-M’s annual MLK Symposium.


The 2023 theme for U-M’s MLK Symposium was “The (R)evolution of MLK: From Segregation to Elevation.” Through the King Talk program, Rackham graduate students publicly communicate the relevance of their research to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. The talks, held on January 26, are now available for viewing online

Graduate student Alanna Hurd’s King Talk, “Toward Radical Imagination: Dreaming a More Beautiful Education System,” is an invitation to use imagination as a tool to dream and then create a more beautiful and just education system.

Doctoral student Charles Phillips’ King Talk is titled “Teaching Mathematics: Revolution Sparked by Inspiration.” Phillips argues that sankofa and courage are needed for us to look back at our past methods of teacher preparation and curriculum development for our secondary mathematics students that are from the African Diaspora. We can then use what we’ve learned from the past and implement strategies in the present to impact the future.