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GRIP Lab seeks instructors to pilot a new software 

January 31, 2023

The tool Anotemos has been designed to enhance teaching with video-based assignments on Canvas.


Designed and maintained by the GRIP Lab at the School of Education, Anotemos is a web-based application that supports multimodal, social annotation of video and images to enhance student’s learning experiences. It is multimodal in that users can write, speak, draw, and add pictures and emojis to moments or segments in a video or to locations on the screen. In terms of its social aspect, users may interact with each other as they are interfacing with the media synchronously or asynchronously.

Anotemos has been designed to provides instructors with many easy customizations for crafting video assignments. Instructors can choose which tools are available to students, can control the amount of social interaction around the media, and may also include required conditions that students need to satisfy before progressing through the media. Instructors can interact with students in the front end and get classroom reports that are readable in Excel.

Anotemos is now available on Canvas. Instructors can choose a video from many sources (e.g., YouTube, Vimeo, MyVideos) and create a Commentary in Anotemos, setting it up to have exactly the tools that students will need. They can then add the Commentary to their Canvas course. Students will experience Anotemos as part of their Canvas experience. Software support is available from ITS and from the software development team.

Currently, the team is seeking pilot users and is eager to support them as they learn to use the tool. Interested instructors may contact GRIP Lab for a demo of the tool and to discuss how integrating Anotemos can enhance their teaching.