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Deborah Rivas-Drake co-authors report on effects of racism on adolescent development

August 18, 2021

Professor Deborah Rivas-Drake serves as the expert affiliate on a new report released by The Center for the Developing Adolescent. The report, The Intersection of Anti-Black Racism and Adolescent Development, summarizes research on how racism and related inequities impact key developmental milestones of adolescence and offers recommendations to support Black youth within key social contexts of the middle and high school years.


Adolescence—beginning around 10 years of age and ending in the early 20s—represents a particularly important period of experience and opportunity during which youth explore the world, develop a sense of agency, and define their identity. Experiences with racism within common contexts and spaces create different experiences for youth along racial lines. Fortunately, the monumental growth and learning that occur during adolescence make it a time when interventions and anti-racist approaches can make a real difference.

“This report follows the research to link positive youth development with efforts to combat and mitigate the effects of racism faced by Black youth in this country,” said Dr. Andrew Fuligni, Co-Executive Director for the UCLA-based Center for the Developing Adolescent and Professor of Psychology and Psychiatry at UCLA. “We’re hoping these recommendations contribute to the conversation on how to support Black youth in ways that can benefit not only these young people, but the world they’ll come to lead.”


Featured in this Article

Associate Dean for Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, and Equity, Marsal Family School of Education; Stephanie J. Rowley Collegiate Professor; Professor of Psychology, College of Literature, Science, and the Arts

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