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Alumnus Adam Hellebuyck chosen as Michigan History Teacher of the Year

March 09, 2019

Secondary MAC alumnus Adam Hellebuyck (MA ’07) was chosen as the 2018 Michigan History Teacher of the Year by The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History. Hellebuyck serves as Dean of Curriculum and Assessment and as an upper school history and social studies teacher at the University Liggett School, where he took the lead role in the design and implementation of an innovative place-based course that looks at American History through the lens of Detroit.


In a recent interview with The Gilder Lehrman Institute, Hellebuyck discussed his passion for history and teaching. He says, "While many people go into education because they love a certain content area, ultimately education is about building relationships with people. When you build meaningful relationships, you can help students learn by going on the journey with them. They are more willing to take learning risks and put themselves 'out there' to craft new ideas when they trust you. Watching students do that on a regular basis is always a rewarding experience."