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IRB On-the-Road Consultation

Apr 12, 2023
9:00-11:00 a.m.
Event Contact
Lavar Green-Jackson
Event Contact's Email

Lavar Green-Jackson's next IRB consultation session is Wednesday, April 12. Interested researchers can join the Zoom session using this link.

If Lavar is talking with another individual when you call, please wait and he will chat with you shortly.

Lavar will be available to meet with investigators by phone (with a provided phone number) or Zoom throughout the month. Please contact him directly (lgreenja@umich.edu) to request an appointment.

A bit about Lavar and the IRB:

  • The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is part of the University of Michigan Office of Research. IRBs are mandated by the federal government to review human research protocols to determine that the research follows federal regulations and is being done ethically.
  • During Lavar's On-the-Road consultations, he will answer questions from researchers about the IRB application process including time frames for review, correction and approval, as well as technical questions about eResearch, the online tool used to create IRB applications. Lavar can give you information about amending approved applications, and about required continuing reviews.