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Deep Work Podcast Club Meeting

May 04, 2023
12:00-1:00 p.m.
Event Location


To support our annual staff development theme of "Strengthening Connection: Presence and Balance in the New Workplace," we're organizing a "podcast club" that provides an opportunity for the Marsal School staff community to come together to reflect on the role of focus in our daily lives.

Strengthening Connection

The Deep Work Podcast Club will meet monthly February to May. Sessions will run from 12-1pm on Zoom (though we may extend in future sessions based on group consensus). Though sessions are connected thematically, you can engage with individual sessions or attend them all.

Each month we will discuss a podcast and optional supplemental resources to seed informal discussion around topics related to our theme. 

Like a book club, participants will listen to the episode ahead of time and come ready to and share their reflections with colleagues.

Our goals for these gatherings are to:

  • Introduce the idea of "deep work"
  • Reflect on the role of focus in our daily lives
  • Provide an opportunity for SOE staff colleagues to come together to discuss shared challenges and offer solutions to work in an increasingly distracted world
  • Identify and practice skills related to mindfulness and deep work

Please look for calendar invitations to these events and RSVP if you plan to attend. We'll then use the RSVP lists in Google Calendar to communicate. We hope to see you there.