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Data for Public Good Symposium

Thursday - Friday
Mar 24 - Mar 24, 2022
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Data for Public Good

About the Event

As both consumers and purveyors of information, how we interact with data is ever evolving. Now, more than ever, data for good represents a diverse and interdisciplinary effort to engage, educate, and empower the world around us. The School of Education's Center for Education Design, Evaluation, and Research, the Edward Ginsberg Center's Community Technical Assistance Collaborative, the Michigan Institute for Data Science, and the Department of Biostatistics' Statistics in the Community invite you to attend the 5th annual Data for Public Good Symposium.

The symposium will launch virtually on Thursday, March 24, 2022 and will showcase the many research efforts and university / community partnerships that focus on improving humanity by using data for the public good. Registration is free and open to all!

While the program details are below, the symposium will feature:

Please find the full schedule below. For questions, please contact [email protected].



9:45 AM - Opening Remarks

10:00 AM - Workshop:
Rachel Elsinga, MBA, MPP

11:00 AM - Q&A Session
Rachel Elsinga, MBA, MPP

11:30 AM - Break

12:00 PM Research Talks I

1:00 PM - Featured Speaker
Kat Hartman, MFA

1:30 PM - Featured Speaker
Jeff Leek, PhD

2:30 PM - Alumni Trailblazers
Panelist Discussion

3:30 PM - Poster Session via Gather


9:45 AM - Opening Remarks

10:00 AM - Workshop:
Emergence Collective

Laura Urteaga-Fuentes, MSW
Lauren Beriont, MSW

11:00 AM - Q&A Session
Laura Urteaga-Fuentes, MSW
Lauren Beriont, MSW

11:30 AM - Break

12:00 PM - Research Talks II

1:00 PM - Featured Speaker
Sheria G. Robison-Lane, PhD, RN, MHA

2:00 PM - Research Talks III

3:00 PM - Research Talks IV

4:00 PM - Closing Remarks

About the Organizers

STATCOM is a community outreach organization offering the expertise of statistics graduate students – free of charge – to nonprofit governmental and community organizations. CTAC is a community-university partnership convened to serve a universal need identified by community partners around data and evaluation. CEDER is a School of Education center devoted exclusively to offering high-quality designs, evaluations, and research on teaching, learning, leadership, and policy at multiple levels of education. MIDAS collaborates with community partners and supports the application of data science into impactful products, services, and policies, towards a better data-enabled society through their Data Science for Social Good initiative. This symposium is part of our effort to bring together university organizations that promote similar ideals and individuals whose research provides a service for the greater good.