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Telling the Stories That Must Be Told: An Inquiry into Local Black History

University of Michigan School of Education—Black Lives Matter at School Week of Action (2021)


This virtual interactive discussion will grow your awareness of local Black history, focusing in particular on residential patterns of segregation, integration and gentrification; and schooling experiences of access, discrimination and activism. An archive of digital resources builds from the Living Oral History Project Digital Collection that the African American Cultural and Historical Museum (AACHM) of Washtenaw County has designed in collaboration with the Ann Arbor District Library. The resources are curated to reveal primary artifacts that illuminate voices and experiences of the local Black community, in particular with regard to residential patterns and schooling.

Dr. Kimberly Ransom, an SOE community member with expertise in historiography and Black communities, supports the audience in learning about the perspective and experience of local Black community members associated with the AACHM.

This video has an accompanying asynchronous learning module.



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