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Bachelor of Arts/Science - Transfer

Application Process

Step 2: Submit a request for coursework evaluation

  • Please submit a request for a free coursework evaluation prior to preparing application materials
  • In order to ensure you have met the academic prerequisite requirements for the educator preparation program, your previous coursework must be evaluated by an academic advisor
    • Unofficial transcripts are accepted for this initial evaluation, but official transcripts will be required upon admission
    • Evaluations may take 3–4 weeks to complete once all materials are submitted
  • Please direct questions to the advising team at [email protected]

Step 3: Prepare application materials

Information Needed for the Common Application

  • Social security number (required for FAFSA)
  • Parent/Guardian employment information (occupation, status, education)
  • Parent/Guardian tax return form (1040)
  • Dates of college entrance/exit, advisor contact info, and course information
  • Dates of high school entrance/exit
  • Test Results (ACT/SAT/AP/IB, etc.)
    • If you have not already taken the tests, they are not required for admission
  • Community-based organizations/student organizations in which you have participated

Review Application Writing Prompts

Request Letters of Recommendation

  • Academic Letter
    One required letter assessing the applicant’s intellectual curiosity, preparedness for university study, receptivity to feedback, and/or perseverance. If you are applying to the secondary program, your letter must be from a professor or instructor from the content area in which you are seeking certification. Academic recommendation letters should come from someone familiar with the applicant’s academic performance at the collegiate or university level.
  • Teaching Potential Letter
    The teaching potential letter should come from a professional reference familiar with your experiences working with youth. This may include: personal characteristics, work ability, capacity to work with people (specifically youth), etc.  If you are applying to the secondary program, your recommender is ideally someone who has seen you recently work with children or someone who can speak to your potential to work with students.
  • Your recommenders can submit their letters directly to [email protected]. Be sure that your recommenders include your name and, if possible, UMID or uniqname.

Submit Test Scores & Transcripts