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TeachingWorks launches online repository of curriculum materials for teacher educators

August 30, 2019

TeachingWorks has officially launched the TeachingWorks Resource Library, a free, online collection of practice-based curriculum materials for teacher educators to use for preparing novice teachers.


Led by TeachingWorks Director of Resource Development Adina Lopatin, the resource library builds on ongoing research and collaboration between TeachingWorks and teacher educators from across the country to develop more effective ways of preparing new teachers to teach skillfully and with care. 

“Countless teacher educators are committed to preparing the next generation of teachers in ways that integrate strong content knowledge, skillful teaching practice, and a central focus on advancing justice in classrooms,” Lopatin said. “The resource library was developed to provide teacher educators with tools that can help simulate core tasks of teaching to support beginning teachers before they enter the classroom.” 

The site offers more than 20 instructional units—each including ready-to-use activities with video, lesson plans, PowerPoints, observation rubrics, field tasks, and other supporting materials—designed to support the development of skillful teaching that disrupts patterns of injustice. Materials can be viewed, downloaded, and repurposed for use in teacher education methods courses in science, social studies, English language arts, and mathematics, and across content areas. 

The site is open to all teacher educators across grade levels and levels of experience and will be regularly expanded as TeachingWorks continues to research and learn from students, teachers, and teacher educators. 

“The resource library represents a key tool in our ongoing efforts to ensure that every child in school receives skillful teaching every day from teachers who are prepared with the knowledge, capabilities, and dispositions necessary to help their students thrive,” said TeachingWorks Director Deborah Loewenberg Ball. “Guided by the conviction that skillful teaching has the power to disrupt long legacies of injustice and that such teaching can—and must—be taught, we have curated and compiled high-quality resources for practice-based teacher education. We hope that teacher educators from across the country will access and build on these resources, using them as a cornerstone in their work with teacher candidates and teachers.”

You can sign up and explore the TeachingWorks Resource Library at library.teachingworks.org.