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dije expanaions 2018 - 2

dije Expansions Vol 2

Spring / Summer 2018

The Marsal Family School of Education is proud to be a leader in the campus-wide initiative promoting Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity. Adding "Justice" to these values underscores the role of educators in the creation of just societies. Through research, public scholarship, community building, and the preparation of education practitioners and policymakers, we articulate and advance our dije agenda.

Elizabeth Moje

Welcome to Expansions!

It is a great pleasure to introduce the second issue of the dije Expansions newsletter, which offers a platform for highlighting the progress of our work and a means for increasing transparency and connectedness across the entire Marsal School community. I want to thank Camille Wilson, Eloise Reid, and Dexter Moore Jr. for their efforts in writing and publishing this important tool.

I also want to express my gratitude to Camille Wilson, whose tenure as dije Implementation Lead draws to a close this academic year. It is under her poised and indefatigable leadership that we have made such great strides in advancing dije within the school, the university, and communities.

We have a great deal to highlight and to celebrate this year as dije becomes increasingly integrated in all that we do. We have expanded into more action-oriented and sustainable programming that challenges and supports; we have begun to engage in the difficult internal work necessary for realizing our vision as models and leaders of inclusive, just, and equitable education; and we are observing a marked shift in mindset as faculty, staff, and students from throughout the school step up as leaders, elevating our work by generating a multitude of tools for approaching dije, especially as we work to expand our own curriculum and pedagogical practices. Even as we recognize the considerable work ahead, we take this moment to acknowledge our many accomplishments in the course of the past year.

The advancement of diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity in the Marsal Family School of Education requires the contributions of each and every community member. I hope that as you read this issue, you will see yourself—either as an involved dije leader in 2017-2018, or as someone who is discovering the range of opportunities for getting involved in the coming year.

Elizabeth Birr Moje
Marsal Family School of Education Dean
Expansions Vol 2
This second issue of Expansions highlights just of few of the many dynamic people, events, organizations, and partnerships that richly contribute to SOE’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity.
Expansions Vol 2
When Dr. Shari Saunders, the Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Teacher Education, enters the room, she brings her whole self with her.
Expansions Vol 2
His drive for creating a more just education system through curriculum design is inspired by some of his earliest memories of his parents.
Expansions Vol 2
In an effort to diversify the Marsal Family School of Education’s dije programming, a staff and student team organized an event around gender and sexuality.
Expansions Vol 2
Dr. Shalaby’s role on the dije team is to support the work of assessing and reporting on the Marsal Family School of Education’s dije-related initiatives.
Expansions Vol 2
The Marsal Family School of Education is home to a multiplicity of student organizations that promote the work of diversity, inclusion, justice and equity in their own unique ways.
Expansions Vol 2
Dr. Weiland studies the effects of early childhood interventions and public policies on child development.
Expansions Vol 2
“Once they realize that you are invested in them, they are so excited to see you, and then that translates into being excited about Spanish."
Expansions Vol 2
Award winners were nominated by SOE community members and selected by the SOE Education Diversity Advisory Council.
Expansions Vol 2
Both Eloise and Dexter have greatly enriched SOE’s dije efforts and lent wonderful ideas, thoughtful perspectives, and enthusiastic initiative.