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Maekayla Dimatulac

Student Program Assistant


The name is Maekayla Caitlynn.

I am a first year undergraduate. I am a social activist. I am a community person.

Born and raised in San Diego, California then moving abroad and living in Hawai'i-- The juxtaposition of living in San Diego, studying at the University of Michigan, and immersing myself in the Hawaiian way of life has enriched my understanding of diverse environments and cultures. Each chapter of my life has contributed to my personal and academic development, shaping me into a well-rounded individual with a deep appreciation for the beauty and uniqueness of every place I call home. With my experiences so far, I plan to implement my learning and skills such as collaboration and teamwork, adaptability, compassion, patience, and initiative to pursue social justice and positively impact my community worldly and home as I hope to bring my learnings back to Hawai'i. 

Beyond school, I love being outside in nature and hanging out with my loved ones. 

Selected Publications