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COVID-19 Information for the Marsal School Community

Effective April 28, 2023

  • Current masking requirements:
    • Masking is required in patient care areas and U-M COVID-19 testing sites
    • Masking is optional for all other indoor spaces on the University of Michigan campuses
  • Current vaccination requirements:
    • All U-M students residing in Michigan Housing on the Ann Arbor campus starting in fall 2023 are required to have received a single dose of bivalent COVID-19 vaccine

Visit U-M Health Response Policies & Guidance for the most up-to-date COVID-19 information and policies from the university.

Re-Engagement Commitments

Marsal School Re-Engagement Commitments

As we re-engage in-person activities in the Marsal Family School of Education, we are committed to:

  • Delivering the highest quality education experience possible consistent with the standards of the Marsal School and the University of Michigan.
  • Prioritizing the health and safety of all members of our community, with special consideration and thought toward vulnerable individuals by following public health heuristics informed by experts at the University of Michigan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the State of Michigan.
  • Centering diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity as we work to make teaching, learning, and working safe, robust, and inclusive of all members of the Marsal School.
Michigan Education Care Compact

A Marsal School community commitment to embodying our values and achieving our goals as we come back together this year by maintaining a vibrant, healthy, equitable, caring, excellent, compassionate, and inclusive academic, research, and work experiences for all in our collective. Read the Michigan Education Care Compact graphic guide for more details.

COVID-19 Precautions & Policies


As of April 28, 2023, the University of Michigan vaccination policy requires students residing in Michigan Housing on the Ann Arbor campus starting in fall 2023 to have received a single dose of bivalent COVID-19 vaccine.

For the most up-to-date information about vaccination requirements, reporting vaccination status, finding vaccines, booster eligibility, and other frequently asked questions, visit U-M Health Response Vaccine Policies & Guidance.


As of April 28, 2023, the university's face covering policy for COVID-19 requires masks in patient care areas and U-M COVID-19 testing sites. Masking is optional in all others areas of campus, including in instructional spaces during class time.


Visit U-M Health Response Testing for information and guidance on

  • Reporting positive tests results
  • Campus testing programs (symptomatic and asymptomatic)
  • Testing guides
  • Rapid test availability
  • Exposure testing
Exposures & Care

Visit U-M Health Response Care for information and guidance on

  • COVID-19 care
  • COVID-19 treatment
  • COVID-19 continued support and check-ins
  • COVID-19 case management and follow-up
  • Post-COVID-19 care
  • Mental health and well-being resources
Safety & Prevention

Visit U-M Health Response Safety & Prevention for up-to-date information about the university's efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.


Visit U-M Health Response FAQs for answers to frequently asked questions pertaining to

  • COVID-19 basics
  • Quarantine and isolation
  • Testing
  • CTSP testing
  • Vaccination and self-reporting
  • Case investigation and contact tracing
  • Policy and compliance
  • Events and gatherings
  • ResponsiBLUE
  • Travel
University of Michigan Law School

More Information

See U-M Health Response for the most up-to-date information regarding COVID-19, including university precautions, policies, procedures, and resources.


Contact Your Chair or Director

If you have academic or programmatic questions or concerns about our work together in the midst of the pandemic, then we recommend that you contact your program chair or director.

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Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns or challenges you are experiencing—academic or otherwise.

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