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Associate Dean Shari Saunders on the value of the edMINOR

Shari Saunders is a professor of clinical practice in Educational Studies and Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education and Educator Preparation.  She is passionate about the edMINOR.


If you are interested in justice, consider the edMINOR. Education work  is justice work! If you have an interest in education but don't feel like teaching is for you, the edMINOR could be just what you're looking for. Or maybe you have an interest in teaching but aren't quite ready to commit. Through the edMINOR, you can choose courses and an internship that allow you to interact with young people and/or do educational work in a variety of contexts. Enrolling in the edMINOR will prepare you to contribute to shifting the narrative around education in our society so people see the power of education in creating a more just world.

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